everything is wow

the beautiful ali sable, ladies and gentlemen.

sneak peek into some new work about experiencing traumatic life events. i’ll explain more later ;)
Check out this .gif I made of Gwen and my old tube TV for Canto Magazine’s March issue:
check out my image that just came out in cantomagazine.com today.
read the accompanying writing piece here: http://cantomagazine.com/march2014/#/pearl/
there will be three more with my artwork coming out this month!
Journal makin


RIP Philip Seymour Hoffman
The loss of a truly great talent

Jesus goddamned Christ

i actually feel sad for this tragedy. i’m not normally moved by celebrity anything, but i’m so sad over this.
Jim / Lake Ontario
Jim / Lake Ontario / Charlotte, NY



Season 0 (KTMA)

3. “Superdome”
There is a great joy in seeing Tom Selleck and Van Johnson phone it in with ex football stars.

2. “City on Fire”
Two words: Leslie Nielsen.

1. “Legend of the Dinosaurs”
Everyone loves shitty Japanese dinosaur movies with questionable effects. (i actually dont…

thanks owen! :)
look at the size of this avocado.
i started a new project today. i’m taking a photograph of myself each week for a year (or more) with an object i own.